10. Can I apply multiple taxes to the same product?

Yes. After our latest update you can now add up to 4 taxes to the same product. All you have to do is create a Tax Group.

What is a Tax Group?

To apply multiple taxes on the same product, these need to be bundled into a "Tax Group". The added taxes will each apply to the Product Amount, unless you select "Apply Tax2 after Tax1". -> All taxes will be listed separately on the final invoice. The name of the tax group is only for your refference. The printed document will only list the taxes added to the group.

How to make a Tax Group?

1. Open the Tax Editor by clicking on the Taxes link in the Dashboard or by clicking the Add New link in the Taxes column when creating an Invoice or Quotation.

2. By clicking "Add Tax Group" in the upper right corner of the Tax Editor, a new tab will appear.

3. Add your tax group name and select which taxes you want added to the group.

*Note: this option is available only after you have added at least two normal taxes to the database.

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