9. How to add a new tax or tax group in Aster Bill?

In Aster Bill for India, there are multiple tax options available (single, multi tax, combined tax, CESS etc), including dedicated Service Tax support. Here is a quick guide for all these options:

Opening the Tax Editor

You can reach the Tax Editor tab by clicking on the Taxes link in the Dashboard or by clicking the Add New link in the Taxes column when creating an Invoice or Quotation.

Once in the Taxes Editor, you can see 3 taxes are preset: SHE Cess, Education Cess and Service Tax. The first two cannot be removed or modified beyond their name. The service tax is a combo tax that we have aleady set up for your use. Remove it or change it as you wish.

Creating a New Single Tax

To create a new single tax just use the simple form in the top of the tab. Set your tax name and percentage and choose "Add Tax".

Note: at this point a notifiation will appear asking if CESS taxes are applicable here? This option reffers to taxes such as the Service Tax, which have Cess applied on the tax amount. Choosing NO will generate the single tax of your choice.

Creating a Multi Tax with CESS

Choosing YES on the above notification will take you to the advanced editor. Here, the name and primary pecentage are preset. All you have to do, is choose which of the CESS taxes applies. You can choose one or both.

Can I add multiple taxes to the same product?

Within Aster Bill for India we offer the option to apply up to four taxes on the same product. These will each apply to the initial Product Amount. All taxes will be listed separately on the final invoice.

Note: the name of the tax group is only for your refference. The printed document will only list the taxes added to the group.

Creating a Tax Group

By clicking "Add Tax Group" in the upper right corner of the Tax Editor, a new tab will appear. Add your tax group name and select which taxes you want added to the group.

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