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Aster Billing Retail POS: A software with all the features that your shop needs


The easiest to use billing software

Aster Billing Software is fully compliant with GST. The Bill and Invoice format can be customised as per your shop's requirements. The Billing continues to work even if the Internet is not available. It is the easiest to use billing software so that your shop staff doesn't have to invest time in learning the software.


Build long-term relationship with your customers

You can use Aster Billing CRM feature to capture your customer details and effectively reach out to them with the help of SMS/Facebook marketing campaigns. You can not only sell more to your existing customers but also keep in touch with the casual visitors to your shop.


Your data is always secure and private

You need not worry about either losing your business data because of the hardware malfunction or your data getting into wrong hands because of our retail software's robust data security architecture.


The customers will never go empty-handed from your shop!

Aster Billing Inventory Management system has powerful features like notifications for low inventory, automatic re-ordering on reaching minimum order quantity so that your customers always get what they want from your retail shop.


Save a lot of time in managing your vendors.

Aster Billing Vendor Management system lets you create and manage your suppliers' interactions. You can track sales, inventory by suppliers and generate and send purchase orders to them. You can also download Billing, GST, inventory and many other reports by suppliers and make smart decisions for your retail business.


Get all your shop's data to make smart business decisions.

Aster Billing Software's Reports Management features help you measure your business metrics through multiple reports on sales and expenses. It offers over 100 reports on Billing, Inventory, GST, Customers and many other parameters to help you understand your retail shop's performance. You can also download reports capturing customers behaviour, employees performance, inventory status and much more.


Reward your shop's most loyal customers

Aster Billing Software offers the easiest way to create and run your own loyalty program for your customers. You can find your most loyal customers and reward them with free offers and grow repeat business. You can offer reward points for various actions like multiple purchases (billing) through your shop, referrals and for following on Facebook & Twitter.


Collect payments using a credit card, debit card without any hardware

Aster Billing POS Software allows you to collect payment through Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile Wallets, UPI and Aadhar based payments from your shop's customers. You can download all payment reports for easy reconciliation.


A unified dashboard to manage all your shops

Aster Billing Software helps you manage multiple shops with ease. You can get consolidated updates on billing, inventory, GST, expenses etc and make timely decisions. You can also easily change product's prices, special offers, stock levels across all your shops on a real-time basis.


Print your own barcodes to increase billing speed

Aster Billing Software helps you in bringing speed to your billing counter and reduce the size of the queue as you can generate and print your own barcodes. These barcodes can be read using any regular or Bluetooth barcode scanner and it can dramatically increase your billing speed.


The billing in your shop continues even without the internet!

The billing feature in Aster Billing Software works without Internet too. The customers and billing show at your retail shop must never stop!


Integration with gst accounting software of your choices

Aster Billing Software comes integrated with various GST enabled accounting softwares which totally eliminates the need to do repeat work for posting the entry in accounts.


To offer emi plans to your shop's customers

Aster Billing Software comes with Aster Finance - A unique feature with the help of which you can offer cardless EMIs to your retail customers. This leads to significant growth in your billing revenues and increases customer satisfaction.


Unique number with a unique way to track it

Aster Billing Software gives the freedom of printing IMEI/Serial Number on your bills which is much needed for Electronics shops.


Provide real-time delivery status to customers

Aster Billing POS Software allows you to update the order status of Pending, Out for Delivery & Delivered. An SMS is sent to customer's mobile number every time you update the order status. This helps in reducing repeated calls from the customer to track the status of their online orders.


Collect feedback from your customers

Aster Billing POS Software allows you to equip your retail business with what your customers want by receiving their feedback with the help of a free simple feedback form. You can download and analyse the feedback data to make your shop more efficient.


Set individual employee targets and track their performance

Aster Billing POS Software allows you to set billing targets and track individual employee performance so that you can incentivise your best employees and identify the ones who need a bit of support. You can also track their attendance, maintain their personal information, create system IDs and give role-specific access to them.

Enjoy your life and grow your business. Let Aster Billing online take care of your billing.

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